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Spiritual Shows

This segment is a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom to elevate your mind for easy living.. “Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta” is interpreted succinctly for easy understanding. Dadi Janki presents simple answers to questions learnt from her own spiritual grounding. Whilst” Amulya Ratan” , the priceless gems act as a guide book for inculcating spiritual values.

Health Shows

This series educates on how to counteract the pressures of the fast paced life and strike a balance between mind, body and spirit rejuvenating life through spiritual awakening. “Sehat ki Baat”, “Secret of Ultimate Living”, “Yog Rahsya” presents the entire panorama of health issues, from causes & symptoms, prevention & medication and nutrition, diet and fitness regimens.

Motivational Shows

The motivational show segment encourages, educates and entertains through realizing one’s potential by unleashing the dormant inner strength and confidence. Eminent guests bring us invaluable insight through “Ek Mulakat” ; Whilst ”Wisdom of the Day” supplies the daily dose of wisdom & inspiration for a purposeful life. Programs for children with games, discussions, techniques to improve memory power.

Positive Lifestyle Shows

Awakened awareness, a quest in knowing oneself and personal transformation is the very essence of this program. This metamorphosis is showcased through the shows of “Samadhan”, “Suhana Safar” and “Spirit of Change”. The spiritual influence on any given situation can make a whale of difference is exemplified by the pragmatic solutions & tools offered to transform oneself through the teachings of the institution of Brahmakumaris.

Innovative Shows

Under this initiative “Spiritualize your Rasoi” the spiritual & holistic perspective on thesacred significance of cooking and consuming food is projected as practised by the Brahmakumaris. “Shaswat Yogic Kheti” showcases how Rajyoga meditation practised by farmers along with use of organic manures, bio fertilisers and indigenous techniques has resulted in better yield and produce. “Women of the Future” spells out the need for women to be independent, creative and enjoy their own mental space similar to the freedom assured to every human soul.

Entertainment Shows

Welcome to the entertainment segment of the Shows category. Beautiful stirring music, backed by vivid & profound poetry are the very subject of “Divine Harmony ‘and “Kavya Sarita”. “Choo Lo Aasman” takes you on a spin off to engender sporting spirit and to gauge the knowledge skills through quiz shows where Sky is definitely not the limit. This series showcases a creative world of delightful & inspirational activities going far beyond the realm of mere entertainment.

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