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Om Shanti Channel is dedicated to the spiritual awakening of your peaceful self. We help you empower yourself with incisive programmes ranging from guided meditation to talks on self empowerment and transformation.Viewers can benefit from insights and practical application of spiritual tools in everyday situations as well as participate in interactive panel discussions to receive practical solutions to overcome personal, mundane to complex problems of life.


Time Name Language Running
19:30 Meditation Hour Hindi NOW
20:00 Rejuvenate Life Through Spirituality Hindi
20:45 Peace News(Original) Hindi
21:15 Release Your Wings English
21:45 Naritva Darshan Hindi
22:15 Your Questions & Dadi Janki Ji Answer Hindi

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Taar Man Ki

Godlywood Music On Zee

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Respite to Mind

Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta

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Children's Special

Hum Honge Kamyaab

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Mind Power

Suhana Safar

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BK Raju Bhai Ji

Amulya Ratan

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Ms. Chitra Tripathi

Ek Mulakat

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Regional Languages

Om Shanti channel brings to you programs with universal appeal for audience of all ages. Variety, originality of content is the cornerstone of the programs. With a view to reach out for maximum viewership, the program is being covered in maximum regional languages. Popular programs viz., Samadhan, Ek- Mulakat , Zindage Bane Aasan, Light of Knowledge-International provide value based and meaningful sustenance for better living.

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Zee Music – The giant music company accepted songs from ‘Godlywood Songs collections’ which satisfied their benchmark and songs in the series are airing on the ‘Devotional’ Segment’ of Zee Music Youtube Channel under the title “Aye Khuda Tu Bata” followed by one song every week. Please note that the songs are complete home productions including lyrics, composition & music

The knowledge in Bhagwat Geeta is a life giving scripture. It is a management technique, an art of living life successfully. This scripture is a guide to win over our inner wars. However, this is done without violence. Non-violence, non-injury, not hurting or causing pain to others is the highest spiritual principle.



“Hum Honge kamyaab” is a show where the children unknowingly come across their hidden strengths and tricks to improve memory power by bringing self-awareness & self-recognition while playing fun games.


Historical Shows

Samadhan - Your Problems Our Solutions

This program provides practical solutions & guidance based on the teachings of Brahma Kumaris about daily problems faced by students, youth and family to lead a life...

Zindagi Bane Aasaan talk show title logo image godlywood studio

Zindagi Bane Aasaan

This show redefines the purpose of life and improves the overall qualities of human life so that it becomes a source of joy and happiness. It helps...

Nayi Soch Naya Vishwaas

This talk show provides insightful clarification of myths and misconceptions about Brahma Kumaris and their knowledge that help viewers to make their lives easy and better through...


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"My best wishesh and congratulations to omshanti channel for doing the spiritual service all over the world.Thank you so much, we need your guidance "
Ravina Tondon
Film Actress
"Please join omshanti channel and underline benefits of meditation.These benefits particularly used for this point of time & this point of society "
Satveer Singh Khalsa
Harvard Medical School
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