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To survive and thrive in this turbulent world we need peace and power, that comes from deep inner contentment The foundation of Inner Peace Inner Power is spiritual awareness of the self which is both the journey and the destination.

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"My best wishesh and congratulations to omshanti channel for doing the spiritual service all over the world.Thank you so much, we need your guidance "
Ravina tondon
Film Actress
"Please join us on omshanti channel and underline benefits of meditation.These benefits particularly used for this point of time & this point of society "
Satvir singh Khalsa
Assistant Professor,Harvard Medical School
"When i watch this channel and learning meditation through tv,my life completely changed.In daily life problems i get power through meditation to face it strongly without effected mind "
Purnima Singh
"Pls watch omshanti tv for remove your stress and make your life very valuable and positive.It provides you lots of positive thoughts and explore your strenghts through positive life style"
Paras Shah

show categories

  06:00 AM   Ruhani Rahein
  06:30 AM Sehat ki Baat (Health Show)
 07:00 AM Nayi Soch Naya Vishwas
07:30 AM Amulya Ratan with BK Raju Bhaiji
  08:00 AM   Samadhan
  08:30 AM   Ek Mulakat
  09:00 AM   Zindagi Bane Aasan
  10:00 AM   Time for Change
  10:30 AM   Light Of Knowledge
  04:30 PM   Dil Ki Baat
  05:00 PM   Suhana Safar
  08:00 PM   Rejuvenate Life Through Spirituality
  09:30 PM   Release Your Wings
  11:30 PM   The Geeta Decoted
  02:00 AM Amrutvela Yog
  05:00 AM Songs Hindi
  05:30 AM Divine Harmony & Laghu Kathayen
  12:00 PM Cultural Programs (Regional)
  02:00 PM Happiness Tips/Promos
  04:00 PM Divine Harmony (Music show)
  02:00 AM Amrutvela Yog
  07:00 PM Meditation Hour
  08:30 AM Peace News(Repeat Bulletin)
  09:00 PM Peace News (New Bulletin)
  11:00 AM Arivina Darialli (Kannada)
  11:30 AM Amritdhara (Telugu)
  12:30 PM Atma Jagruti (Gujarati)
  01:00 PM Jyotirgamaya (Malayalam)
  01:30 AM Natun Aalo Natun Disha (Bengali)
  02:30 PM Khushiyan Khede Sade Vehre (Punjabi)
  03:00 PM Naya Dig Darshan (Nepali)
  03:30 PM Youth Oxygen (Marathi)

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